"A Cat Named Daisy"

Oswego Palladium - Thurs., Nov. 23, 1871.

At the office of the Northern Transportation Co. is a cat, which has made the most remarkable journey on record. The name of the cat is "Daisy," and she was born in Ireland. She was left at the N. T. Co.'s office by some emigrant passengers through here last summer. She proved to be a remarkable ratter, tackling the monstrous "vermin" like "winkin."

About two days since "Daisy" disappeared leaving two kittens of a week old upon the hands of John O'Brien and Mr. Pigeon, employees of the Company. The latter took the infantine cats home and vainly endeavored to bring them up by hand.

Yesterday one of the N. T. CO's. men were crossing the lower bridge from West to East when he met the living skeleton of "Daisy" about midway of that structure. The animal presented the most "bunged up" and forlorn appearance imaginable. She was covered with mud, torn and bruised; her tail worn almost off and her fur sadly demoralized. She made for the office of the N. T. Company, where she mournfully "wailed" for her progeny. "Daisy" was welcomed back, and properly cared for, but would not be comforted.

About an hour after the return of the Malison feline, the propeller Michigan arrived from Ogdensburg. The captain informed Mr. Henry Stowell and Mr. O'Brien that when he left Oswego on the down trip, he discovered he had carried off "Daisy," who, no doubt, came aboard to see the cook. That he carried the animal to Ogdensburg and put her ashore there. This let the cat out of the bag, and disclosed that poor "Daisy," who had been carried off from her little ones, had come afoot all the way from Ogdensburg to Oswego to find them gone the way of all cats.

We desire to say to our readers that the circumstances above related are true in every particular, and that poor "Daisy," though badly used up, is likely to come out all right under the kind care of the N. T. Company's men.

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