Shay Engine
Bad news for our Shay! A call was placed to the FRA, to determine if we could operate the Shay. Their response was that the engine would be barred from further operation until a major rebuild of the boiler has been completed.

Upon further inspection other major mechanical conditions were discovered that need to be addressed. Two cracks have developed on the crank drive housing that will need to be repaired. This requires extensive disassembly, welding and repair. The boiler also needs re-tubing, and the airbrake system needs updating.

(Photo taken on August 12, 2001)


  Rutland Railroad combine car #255
Built by the Rutland RR, in 1898, as coach #515.
Rebuilt by the Rutland RR in 1915, as combine #255. A steel under-frame was installed at this time and was never renumbered after conversion.

Height 13'8"
Width 10'6"
Length 62'8"
Approximate weight, 37 tons.
Approximate seating capacity is 32.

O. W. Link acquired this car, date unknown, and did extensive restoration work in the 1961-1965 time period. Included was the re-upholstering of the seats, interior and exterior wood replacement, and paint and varnish. The roof and windows required extensive repairs after years of neglect.

RHSNNY acquired this car, along with the N&W Caboose #518508, from the estate of O. W. Link in April of 2001. A fund drive was conducted to move this car from Whippany, NJ to Croghan, NY during the summer of 2001. Arrangements were finalized for the move by truck, and was completed on Nov 30, 2001.

The Combine is presently stored at Lowville, in the old Lowville & Beaver River RR engine house.
(References: Jeff English at and Rutland Historical Society at

The following items need to be corrected before we can operate this car.
  • The roof needs repair.
  • One of the trucks needs to be removed, repaired and reinstalled. A spring on this truck is out of its pocket and will have to be fixed.
  • The interior needs a good scrubbing, with hopes of removing some of the graffiti.
  • The steps and guardrail will need to be re-installed.
This list is just the start. As indicated, this is what needs to be done to just get it rolling again. We expect to be working on this car for several months to come. Click here for photos of the Combine

Current Update:
The bad area of the roof has been stripped, and has been prepared for re-roofing. There are no visible signs of deterioration, so at this time, we'll just be covering the bad area. At some point, we will be removing the entire roof covering, and will replace it with a new type of material. The truck assemblies need repairs but that will wait until we get word of operations. General clean up has taken place, but a major effort will be undertaken at a later date. We will also contract to sandblast the underside of the car when we remove the trucks. This should add to the beauty of the car and prevent further deterioration.

(Photo taken on November 29, 2001)


  Can You Help?
You too can help by calling 315-346-6848 to volunteer your services or by donating generously to the reconstruction efforts. Please make your tax deductible check payable to RHSNNY and send to:

PO Box 317
Croghan, NY 13327


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